Our Company

ALTUS INDUSTRIES INC - the company behind the ALTUS-SEAL brand was first established on 1997 as a distributor of wide-range of industrial sealing products from well-known seal manufacturer from the US, UK, Europe and Australia. Dealership continued for almost a decade until such time comes for an increased market demand of lower cost medium-ranged mechanical seals. To provide value for money and better service, the company decided to design and produce its own range of seals and eventually introduced seal repair services.

Company History

1997 - 2001 ALTUS TRADING was first established.



Industries We Supply

Power Industries

Power PlantIn a power plant, it is crucially important to be able to rely on your systems, including the cooling-water system. Without a proper cooling process, the power plant would come to a standstill. So in your cooling-water pump, a reliable seal is crucially important.

From coal-fired power plants, oil-powered plants and geothermal power plants, every system needs to be cooled. Cooling-water pumps play a crucial role here. Our cartridge seals have been perfected for these applications.

Pulp and Paper Industries

Pulp and Paper MillsIn the pulp and paper processing industry, efficiency and reliability are key to controlling expenses because they help reduce the amount of energy required by critical processes. We aim to maximize both and help companies meet strict pollution regulations — with engineered components that limit emissions, tolerate high temperatures and reduce water consumption.

Our product offering specific to pulp and paper industries are our modular seals that are standardized for use across the entire paper mill, that allows for easy installation and site repairable.

Clean Water and Waste Water Management

Water treatmentThe high volumes and abrasiveness associated with wastewater and clean water management pose a significant challenge when it comes to designing the supporting equipment. Because the ratio of water to abrasive material from a single source can change frequently, every component has to be durable enough to withstand extreme abrasiveness and still perform reliably. That’s where ALTUS-SEAL comes in. Our products provide cost-effective solutions that reduce energy consumption and increase the efficiency of equipment used in all types of clean water and wastewater applications, from filtration to chlorination.

Food and Beverage Industries

Beverage ProcessingTo achieve optimal efficiency while meeting strict health and safety standards, plants and manufacturers in the food and beverage industry need to maintain the complicated balance. ALTUS-SEAL makes it manageable by engineering reliable, specialized seal components that both improve productivity and eliminate contamination. From food processing plants to bottling, brewing and distilling plants, our products can withstand the challenges of any environment to consistently perform as expected and adhere to international standards.

In addition to reducing overall operation costs, we also aim to reduce the environmental impact of food and beverage processing by helping plants adhere to emissions regulations. Our process-specific components are engineered with the proprietary materials and clean-in-place designs needed to preserve nutritional standards and tolerate rigorous cleaning protocols.

Pharmaceutical Industries

Pharmaceutical ProcessAs an innovator in applied engineering, ALTUS-SEAL is well equipped to address the unique and challenging requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. We engineer our products to meet the industry’s safety and reliability standards — as well as local environmental regulations — so that our chemical processing customers can increase their uptime.

Through rigorous testing and continual improvement, we’ve designed a number of industry-specific components that help optimize performance, efficiency and reliability. Some address specific fluid-handling problems, while others mitigate friction, wear and contamination.

Chemical and Petrochemical Industries

Petrochemical PlantOur dedication to innovative applied engineering is reflected in both our technology and our product range. we’ve developed cartridge seals that are modular and those that provide zero-emissions operations. We’re committed to maintaining our position at the forefront of innovation and meeting our customers evolving needs through ongoing research and development.

Specialized applications such as aggressive acids, dewatering chemicals and high-pressure, high-speed polymerizing fluids require extensive materials research and proven designs. Our products are specifically developed to meet the unique needs of customers in the chemical processing industry.