Mechanical Seal Repair

Cartridge seal for repairALTUS-SEAL introduced into the Philippine Industries the concept of mechanical seal repair/reconditioning wherein they found out that it can save up to 60% of mechanical seal cost.

We repair mechanical seals of all types and brand in standard, special design or OEM. We perform replacement of damage parts, insertion of seal faces with lapping and leak testing, solid or insered Carbon, Silicon Carbide or Tungsten Carbide are available. We also supply repair kit. Repair process is done as per manufacturers' original dimension and tolerances.

Pump Repair/Rehab

Repair of pumpOur expertise and familiarity in numerous pump makes and models enable us to offer pump repair services (whether it is centrifugal, gear, screw pump, etc.). Standard repair practice includes the following: in-depth assessment and parts inspection, ultrasonic cleaning, replacement of bearings, oil seals & gaskets, replacement of mechanical seal, shaft alignment or replacement, dynamic balancing of impeller and leak testing & quality control.

We also fabricate and supply parts such as impellers, shafts, pump casing, shaft sleeves, and bearing housing. All fabricated parts are according to manufacturers' original tolerances and are dynamically balanced.

Pump Packing to Mechanical Seal Conversion

Periodic replacement of shafts and sleeves due to fretting wear caused by the use of pump packing is an expensive approach to pump maintenance. Seal conversion from packing to mechanical seal is the most cost-effective solution to the problems present with the use of mechanical packing as a sealing device.

Conversion from packing to mechanical seal has all the major advantages and benefits. Among these are the savings that can be realized with the conversion. Pumps using mechanical seals consumes less power, eliminates unneccessary product leakage, and reduces the need for periodic adjustment.